LHA Webinars & Research

LHA believes that a well-informed investor is our best investor, and toward that end we publish research and provide financial professionals with access to our portfolio managers for thorough due diligence opportunities. Comprehensive technical, fundamental, and macro analysis are at the heart of our research process, informing our views about current market conditions and potential future scenarios.

The team is pleased to provide resources that you may leverage in your own practice, helping to interpret the current and potential market risks as viewed through the lenses of equity market volatility, fixed income market volatility, and technical research. Below are three such resources you may find interesting and useful.


Watch live and interactive presentations from LHAs team of experienced portfolio managers as they discuss prevailing market conditions, how they are currently positioned, and what they see on the horizon.

Risk Managed Income Strategy – Due Diligence Webinar

Market State Alpha Seeker Strategy – “Through the Lens of Volatility”

The Volatility Watch Newsletter

In this weekly snapshot, produced by Mike and Matt Thomson, both CFAs and both students of volatility, the authors comment on the past week’s volatility, providing insights into current and possible scenarios as indicated by the investment community’s ever shifting appetite for hedging.

Charting My Interruption

This report, written by David Lundgren, CMT CFA, provides timely market insights, technical analysis education, mindset tips, and more, all from the perspective of a 30 year market veteran, with a focus on trend following and momentum strategies.

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