LHA delivers actively managed tactical investment strategies that combine statistical analysis with deep portfolio manager experience and skills; and most have long-term track records of actual investment. These strategies may be expressed in institutional SMAs, in ETFs, and/or in retail SMAs through various platforms. In addition, LHA has a private momentum long-short strategy delivered in a traditional LP structure.

Each strategy has a place in an overall portfolio seeking to deliver either tactical equity or tactical fixed income exposure for risk mitigation, diversification, enhanced return, or a combination of these attributes. Financial Advisors, institutional investors and model portfolio-platforms may use one or more strategy as a complement to an overall portfolio or as a core allocation to equities and/or fixed income. These strategies are presented to institutional investors and financial advisors exclusively.

Alpha Seeker™

Risk Managed Income

Tactical Beta

MOTR Long-Short

Tactical Q

We believe that tactical adjustments around beta are good sources of alpha.