Separately Managed Accounts

Separately Managed Accounts are important for both wealth advisors and their clients and for the institutional investor. SMAs for the institutional investor provide a level of transparency and control that investments in traditional limited partnership products may not, while SMAs for the wealth advisor’s client provide access to a variety of strategies the investor may not otherwise access. For portfolio model-makers SMAs provide access to a variety of alternative strategies that may fill specific voids in an overall model…from offering diversification, to tail-risk management, or simply presenting a non-correlated alpha engine.

*f/k/a TCM U.S. Equity Smart Index Strategy. On or about August 4, 2021, the name of the strategy was changed from TCM U.S. Equity Smart Index strategy to Tactical Beta strategy. The change in strategy name was not accompanied by any change to the components of the investment strategy, the adviser, or the key principles involved but was simply a realignment in the naming convention.

We believe that managing beta is a good source of alpha.