Join us for an informative session on how to design retirement outcomes with an Investment Only Variable Annuity.

The Investment Only Variable Annuity (IOVA) is a next-generation Variable Annuity (VA) vehicle that significantly broadens the market. With vanishing defined benefit plans, longer life spans, and inflationary forces, American retirees need and deserve new tax-deferral tools. Financial advisors can now offer a no commission, no surrender fee VA that is simple to explain, requires no medical underwriting, and avoids the high costs associated with the traditional “retail ” variable annuity. We believe this VA can even be offered by fiduciary investment advisor reps (IARs) to their clients who seek relief from the dreaded tax drag and present the opportunity for tax-favored growth of capital.

Security Benefit Life Insurance Company and Little Harbor Advisors have prepared a 40-minute program on when, where, and how an investment-only variable annuity fits within the context of portfolio allocations and a retirement planning strategy.

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Sponsored by Little Harbor Advisors and Security Benefit Life Insurance Company.

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