LHA Strategies

LHA seeks to provide institutional investors, wealth advisors and portfolio managers with non-correlated returns and a path to lessen the impact of market disruptions, while providing meaningful participation in calm or rising markets.

Alpha Seeker Strategy™

The Alpha Seeker™ strategy seeks to provide absolute returns across multiple market cycles that are generally not correlated to the US equity or fixed income markets.

US Equity Smart Index Strategy™

The Smart Index™ strategy seeks to provide upside participation in the S&P 500® Index and a defense against a falling S&P 500® Index.
Separately Managed Accounts are important for both wealth advisors and their clients and for the institutional investor. SMAs for the institutional investor provide a level of transparency and control that investments in traditional limited partnership products may not, while SMAs for the wealth advisor’s client provide access to a variety of strategies the investor may not otherwise access. For portfolio model-makers LHA SMAs provide access to a variety of alternative strategies that may fill specific voids in an overall model. These strategies are also available in ETFs.


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About Little Harbor Advisors

Little Harbor Advisors, LLC (LHA) is a boutique investment firm with a focus on tactical strategies and innovative investment structures for institutional investors, wealth advisors, and portfolio managers.

Born of a family office focused on alternative investments, LHA makes its home in the America’s Cup Building in Marblehead, Massachusetts, formerly the headquarters of Hood Sails, a pioneer in yacht sail technology. Ted Hood won the America’s Cup challenge in 1973 followed in 1976 by Ted Turner, both powered by Hood sails and sail systems. The professionals at LHA seek to discover and understand challenges that investment advisors, institutional investors and portfolio managers face with respect to beta-rich investment products and the challenges of finding a suitable exposure and allocation between various markets in varying market conditions and inevitable bubbles. LHA responds to these challenges with tactical and tail-risk strategies using quantitative and human techniques.

“Beta” refers to the volatility of a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole.

We believe that managing beta is a good source of alpha.