Crisis Averted or Eye of the Storm

Has the crisis been averted or are we right in the eye of the storm? Should we be “risk on” or “risk off”? These are questions we should all be contemplating as we enter the final stages of 2022. This has been one of the most challenging markets in recent history, making the future even more challenging. Little Harbor Research, LLC (LHA Research) is cautiously optimistic about the direction of the market through the end of 2022 and into 2023.

Join us for a discussion on the current state of the market and what may lie ahead. Presenting will be LHA Research’s Chief Risk and Product Development Officer, Moses Grader, Chief Market Strategist, David Lundgren CFA, CMT, who was the former Director of Technical Research and a Portfolio Manager for Wellington Management, and Little Harbor Advisors, LLC Portfolio Managers Mike, and Matt Thompson.

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