Accelerator Platform

LHA’s Accelerator Platform is designed to provide investors with access to investment strategies that have not been available in an exchange-traded structure. The Platform also provides an avenue for portfolio managers to register and distribute their products to retail channels without the challenges and expense that comes with registered products.

LHA serves as the investment advisor and undertakes 100% of the registration and legal fees associated with registration. Post launch, LHA assumes 100% of ongoing legal, compliance and SEC reporting requirements and expenses as well as back-office services and distribution. As the investment advisor LHA is also responsible for handling the regulations imposed by FINRA and the SEC to both the product and the firm. The objective is to let the investment team do what it does best…invest, leaving LHA to undertake all other responsibilities and expenses, on a shared-fee, sub-advised or licensed-basis.

The Accelerator Platform is an open architecture platform available to managers that fit the criteria set by LHA’s search committee. This criterion includes length of track record, a minimum AUM of $40 million, a successful and repeatable process, and the quality and experience of the investment management team.

LHA’s mission is to offer strategies that are tactical and strive to provide downside risk mitigation in falling market environments while providing the ability for upside capture in rising markets. Our philosophy is that alpha does not only come from concentrating on maximizing upside capture, but instead it comes from concentrating on the maximizing the spread between upside and downside capture. The larger the spread, the higher the alpha.

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